Friday, 8 June 2012

Little Darlings Custom Make

This is a Little Darlings (Graphic 45) Mini Album that was a Custom Make.
I liked it so much I might make one for myself. Hehe.

Here is just a glimpse at the inside.

I can put together kits for this if anyone is interested.

Monday, 4 June 2012

May Arts DT Call

Project Five - May Arts Card.

I am sooo excited.
Some of my May Arts ribbons arrived and I just had to make a project from them.
Here is a card I made for my Mother-In-Law's birthday.
Doesn't the ribbon just make it.
I LOVE it.

Project Four - Ribbon Flower.

I received inspiration for this flower from one of those gift bows you can buy almost everywhere.
I am sure others have created similar flowers, but this is how I created mine.
I found one that was looking a little shabby and decided to pull it apart. This was the result.

First I cut a length of ribbon.
I used 49" of 1/2" blue seam binding.
As I wanted a crinkled look, I decided to scrunch my ribbon up in a ball a couple of times.

Next, I poked holes in the binding every 3", leaving 1/2" at the start and end.
I used the back of my brad for this because I thought any pulls would add character.
Of curse, if you wanted a neater look, you could use a push pin, needle, or paper piercer.

Now it's time to start looping.
I grabbed one end and created a loop. To do this I brought the remaining ribbon forward and twisted once, placing the raw edge behind. This will keep hide this edge and will be covered by the brad.

I inserted the brad through the loop in the holes I had created. I then made another loop opposite.

The loops were then turned 45 degrees and another 2 loops were made.
This creates a + or x type pattern.
This is your first layer.

I then turned the flower and created another 4 loops using the same method and offsetting each 'petal'.

Another 2 layers (8 loops) were made offsetting each.
I used a total of 4 layers (16 loops) for my flower.

Turn the flower over and spread the prongs out.
Viola, finished.

You can rearrange the petals, glimmer mist, or further scrunch the flower as you wish.

I thought this turned out great and I am sure I will be making a few more of them.

Project Three - Mini Overload.

Ok. So I have become quite obessed with Mini Albums at the moment.
This project was made for a friend. Her new baby girl was recently baptised, so I made this album for her. I have only included some glimpses here (I don't want to spoil the suprise too much), but you get the idea.
I had so much fun playing with all the bits and pieces.
I especially loved playing with the ribbons and the flowers (strewn throughout).
I hope she loves it.
Just a head's up, there are 7 images.

If anyone is interested in a kit with the items I used for this project, please email me or leave a comment.

Project Two - Curtain Magic.

The second project I created was for my daughter's room.
We found these pink organza tab top curtains on sale at Spotlight.
After walking around the store with them, I decided they needed a little dressing up.

I dug through some ribbons and found 2 different types that were perfect for this project (Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the ribbons before I took to them with a pair of scissors). The first was a string of alternating cream flowers and butterflies. The second had flowers with varying hues of purple.

I carefully cut out all the butterflies and flowers.
Once these were all cut out I separated them into 2 piles (for the different curtains).
Then, I just took my hot glue gun and carefully glued them to the curtain.
How quick and easy was that, and they look great when the sunlight hits them.


Friday, 1 June 2012

May Arts DT Call

Project One - Cards Say it All.

Well I've decided to apply for the May Arts Design Team.
They make gorgeous ribbons and as everyone knows I LOVE ribbon.

 Here is my first of several projects.

I created these cards to work around the different ribbons.

The first card uses green rafia throughout. I thought the rafia created a spring garden type feel.

The next 2 cards use the same layout, just slightly different elements.
Don't they look elegant.
I love the black and gold ribbon, it really works well.

Here's a Christmas Card I created using 3 diffrent types of ribbon - Olive, Cream and Red.
Hmmm. Love the colours.

Finally, a sweet birthday pop-up card.

3D Cardmaking Design Call

Earlier this week a design call went out for the 3D Cardmaking Shop. I decided to give it a go.
We are all workng from the same pack of Goodies (the April Card Kit) and needed to produce 4 cards.
This is what I came up with.