Monday, 4 June 2012

Project Four - Ribbon Flower.

I received inspiration for this flower from one of those gift bows you can buy almost everywhere.
I am sure others have created similar flowers, but this is how I created mine.
I found one that was looking a little shabby and decided to pull it apart. This was the result.

First I cut a length of ribbon.
I used 49" of 1/2" blue seam binding.
As I wanted a crinkled look, I decided to scrunch my ribbon up in a ball a couple of times.

Next, I poked holes in the binding every 3", leaving 1/2" at the start and end.
I used the back of my brad for this because I thought any pulls would add character.
Of curse, if you wanted a neater look, you could use a push pin, needle, or paper piercer.

Now it's time to start looping.
I grabbed one end and created a loop. To do this I brought the remaining ribbon forward and twisted once, placing the raw edge behind. This will keep hide this edge and will be covered by the brad.

I inserted the brad through the loop in the holes I had created. I then made another loop opposite.

The loops were then turned 45 degrees and another 2 loops were made.
This creates a + or x type pattern.
This is your first layer.

I then turned the flower and created another 4 loops using the same method and offsetting each 'petal'.

Another 2 layers (8 loops) were made offsetting each.
I used a total of 4 layers (16 loops) for my flower.

Turn the flower over and spread the prongs out.
Viola, finished.

You can rearrange the petals, glimmer mist, or further scrunch the flower as you wish.

I thought this turned out great and I am sure I will be making a few more of them.

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