Monday, 4 June 2012

Project Two - Curtain Magic.

The second project I created was for my daughter's room.
We found these pink organza tab top curtains on sale at Spotlight.
After walking around the store with them, I decided they needed a little dressing up.

I dug through some ribbons and found 2 different types that were perfect for this project (Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the ribbons before I took to them with a pair of scissors). The first was a string of alternating cream flowers and butterflies. The second had flowers with varying hues of purple.

I carefully cut out all the butterflies and flowers.
Once these were all cut out I separated them into 2 piles (for the different curtains).
Then, I just took my hot glue gun and carefully glued them to the curtain.
How quick and easy was that, and they look great when the sunlight hits them.


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